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Youth Director/Youth Pastor

Chinese Evangelical Church of Portland

Chinese Evangelical Church (CEC) of Portland is looking for a godly and capable Christian brother with a passion for disciplining young people. This individual should be a recognized leader in the areas of character, conviction (Bible doctrine), and competency (youth ministry skills), and be a godly example for the youths. The ideal candidate is a person who understands the unique dynamics of ministry to the second generation of immigrants. The candidate should be able to serve as a partner to the parents in the discipleship of their teenagers and should be able to relate well with youth, parents, adult volunteers, elders, and other staff members (including children director). He should agree with CEC’s statement of faith. Candidates with experience serving youth ministry in Asian- Americans church context are a plus.



  1. Disciple the members of the youth group (through informal relationships and through formal programming).

  2. Evangelistically engage non-Christian teenagers in the community.

  3. Work with parents to equip them to discipline their teenagers.

  4. Function as part of the staff, with appropriate supervision from the

    pastors and elders.


This position will be part-time or full-time, depending upon the candidate. Seminary graduates who have been ordained and meet the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 will be considered for the status of Youth Pastor, which would provide the Youth Pastor with a seat on the elder board.


Salary: Matching local school teachers with similar years of experience


Please submit your resume/CV and 2 sermon recordings to

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