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CEC牧者和執事會于周四晚上開會,評估了波特蘭區當前的COVID-19疫情状况,决定为教会来临四个星期的聚会做以下安排 ,請转告通知:
1.即3月15日(星期日)起,CEC將通過YouTube Live 直播主日崇拜 ,时间与平时敬拜时间相同 (11am)。牧師和相关同工將在教会通过网络直播。
牧師鼓勵每個家庭與子女一起在家中進行崇拜,类似平时教会的联合敬拜。相关的网络直播链接将转发给各小组群,也可以直接从教会网页点击。 网络直播将分为中文堂与英文堂两个链接(请青年组 加入英语堂),诗歌敬拜开始时将以同步唱诗方式进行。

2. 星期日主日学将通过遠程會議方式进行,时间 9:30am。需要链接或密码请与牧师


3.所有團契小组查经、祷告会将通过遠程會議方式 进行 。详细链接请询问各小组组长。

4.如有对网络直播敬拜 (YouTube Live)有任何技术疑问,请联系執事會或小组同工。

5.主日奉獻可以通過個人支票郵寄到CEC,地址為:5529 NE Century Blvd, Hillsboro, OR 97124.

6.泰国Mango House 短宣将延期至明年。




CEC pastoral staff and deacon board met Thursday night and evaluated the current COVID-19 pandemic situation in Portland metropolitan areas, the following decisions are made for the church activities for the upcoming four weeks:
1. Beginning from this Sunday March 15th, CEC will provide online webcast for Sunday worship services through Youtube Live (same time as normal meeting 11am). There will be no in-person meeting at church. Pastor and relevant co-workers will set up live webcast from church. Pastors encourage each family to worship at home together with their children, similar to combined worship service. The webcast links will be forwarded to fellowship groups and posted at church website. There will be Chinese webcast and English webcast (Youth group please join the English webcast). At the beginning of the webcast, the worship songs will be synchronized. 

2. Sunday school will be held via remote conference at 9:30 am.  Please contact Pastor for meeting id and password.

3. All fellowship groups (including prayer meetings) will also use remote conferencing to meet.

4. You may contact deacons or fellowship leader if you have any IT issues with online webcast.

5. Sunday offering can be made through personal check and mailed to CEC Church at: 5529 NE Century Blvd., Hillsboro, OR 97124.

6. Thailand Mango House Short Term mission has been postponed to next year.

7. Youth spring retreat event has been postponed until further notice.

8. CEC is not encouraging any group gathering at church for the next four weeks beginning March 15th, 2020.

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