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第二、我相信這是上帝的旨意來幫助我認識祂的道。因為我是2021年12月加入CEC會員, 2022年1月參加門訓。



Hello, everyone. May peace be with you in the Lord. I am June Wang from the Mandarin group.

In 2020, Pastor Lin suggested a two-year Bible reading plan and a one-year Bible reading plan. Later, the pandemic broke out, which prompted me to start reading the Bible at home. At that time, it was the first time I had made up my mind to read the entire Bible. However, sometimes I forgot to read (did not develop the habit of reading the Bible every day), and in order to catch up, I often skipped without reading. So, two years passed, and of course, the desire to finish reading the entire Bible was not fulfilled.

The second two-year Bible reading plan started in 2022. In January of that year, I participated in discipleship training. After each training session, when everyone was encouraged to become prayer warriors, every brother and sister was very familiar with the Scriptures, and they would quote Scripture in prayer, making me feel very ashamed. On the evening of the first class, the pastor's wife suggested that I could join a Bible study group to read the Bible together, which would provide more motivation. So, the pastor's wife and other brothers and sisters prayed for me. Afterward, everyone said good night to each other.

The next morning at 8 o'clock, a sister called me and asked if I wanted to join their Bible study group. At that time, I thought it was the pastor's wife who called her to invite me. But she said the pastor's wife did not call her; she just thought of me, so she invited me. I was shocked but even more moved at that moment. Because our heavenly Father listened to our prayers.

My Reflections:

First, I have never experienced joining a Bible study group, and the pastor's wife suggested and encouraged me.

Second, I believe this is God's will to help me understand His Word. Because I joined CEC as a member in December 2021 and attended discipleship training in January 2022.

Third, God listened to the prayers of the pastor's wife and brothers and sisters, arranging a Bible study group for me to join. Is this a coincidence? No, it's not. This is a true testimony. Any prayer that aligns with God's will will surely be fulfilled. Let us also be believers who align with God's will. Thanks and praise the Lord. Amen!

This year is about to end the two-year Bible reading plan. We plan to start a one-year Bible reading plan next year. Let's continue every year, thanks to the Lord.

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